Aid Authorization and Disbursement by Year: By Fund Number and Student Name

ID: ACAD1020
Title: Aid Authorization and Disbursement by Year
Subtitle: By Fund Number and Student Name
Path: /Academics
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Created Date: 2012-09-26T09:12:53.653
Modified Date: 2012-09-26T09:12:53.653
Custodians: Director, Student Financial Aid
Authors: Colin Sachs
Contributors: Jeff Petersen
Support: Student Accounts Office
Support Email:
Description: Displays the dollar amount of aid authorized and disbursed by student number and name for a specified award fund/budget within each quarter over a given aid year. Report is useful for determining if all aid has been disbursed to students over the course of a year, or within a given quarter. For an individual quarter and award fund/budget, see "Aid Authorized and Disbursed by Quarter" report. (Similar to: SA70140-D-02)
Data Description: Data sources: student_1 - student name and number sa_sf_awards_awards - award/budgets, authorized amounts, disbursed amounts
Known Issues: Page breaks occur at the end of each distinct budget fund number group that is selected in the report parameters, even when the data for a given fund is less than a full page.
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