Cashier Activity Report - Payments Received: Payment Activity for Cashier IDs for MM/DD/YYYY

ID: ACAD1041
Title: Cashier Activity Report - Payments Received
Subtitle: Payment Activity for Cashier IDs for MM/DD/YYYY
Path: /Academics
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Created Date: 2011-02-14T16:30:33.827
Modified Date: 2011-02-14T16:30:33.827
Custodians: Director, Student Fiscal Serivces
Authors: Colin Sachs
Contributors: Jeff Petersen
Support: Student Accounts Office
Support Email:
Description: Displays cashier payment transactions by student number, payment amount, bank deposit reference number, time of transaction and amount tendered by cashier ID. Useful for verifying cashier daily balance and otherwise auditing cashier drawers (similar to SDB report: SA32010-D-01 K)
Data Description: Data Sources: - sa_transaction - student_1
Known Issues: Does not duplicate report 100% * Lacks Cash Transmittal (C/T) data * Does not aggregate by time-of-day (i.e., by hour-of-day) * Does not allow selection of a single cashier or group of cashiers as a user parameter
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