DAC Secured Tables, Views And Columns Overview by Roles: by Roles

Title: DAC Secured Tables, Views And Columns Overview by Roles
Subtitle: by Roles
Path: /Admin/Access and Security
URL: https://edw.washington.edu/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fAdmin%2fAccess+and+Security%2fDAC_Secured_Tables_Views_by_Role
More Information URL:
Created Date: 2010-08-26T14:15:57.653
Modified Date: 2010-10-18T14:04:25.817
Custodians: Anja Canfield-Budde
Authors: Alexis Chin
Support: Enterprise Data and Analytics
Support Email: help@uw.edu
Description: The report shows an overview of DAC Secured Tables and the counts of restricted and available columns for each role. The report initially displays the selected role and a list of associated databases with Restricted Column and Available Column counts for each database within the role. The report could be further drilled down to display Table Name and Column Name. Toggle switch (+) expands Database Name, Table Name and Column Name. A green Column Name indicates role has access to the column. A red Column Name indicates role has no access to the column. Restricted Column indicates column count restricted to the role, Available Column indicates column count available to the role and Total Column indicates the total number of column in the database. *Please note: Due to efficiency reasons, the maximum row limit is 80,000 for this report. It is recommended not more than 3 roles are selected when running this report.
Data Description: Source of data is SMATMaster database and EDWDataDictionary database
Known Issues: