Academic Personnel Appointments with Demographics: Active appointments as of [date]

ID: AP1010
Title: Academic Personnel Appointments with Demographics
Subtitle: Active appointments as of [date]
Path: /Human Resources/Academic Personnel
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Created Date: 2010-12-13T15:02:53.033
Modified Date: 2011-01-19T15:02:58.633
Custodians: Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Academic Personnel
Authors: Abi Ludwig and Brandon Whitehead
Support: APIS
Support Email:
Description: Lists all active academic personnel for a selected Pay Period and a selected group of org units and job class codes. The appt FTE % and Full-Time Rate are as set in OPUS/HEPPS. PaidFTE is derived for each appt by summing all 'Regular Equivalent Earnings' (earn types: REG, PLP, TFA, S/L, SUM, MLP, TRN) from Actual Distributions and dividing by the Full-Time Rate. EXPORT INSTRUCTIONS: To export a nicely formatted Excel file, select 'XML file with report data' which saves the file with an .xml file extension, Open Excel, find that file looking at all file types, and open it.
Data Description: Each row of this report returns official employee name, appointment college, appointment department, job class code, title, appointment FTE %, paid FTE %, full time rate, rac, sex, date of birth and age.
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