Biennium Budget Balances report:

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Title: Biennium Budget Balances report
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Created Date: 2011-07-11T15:07:04.58
Modified Date: 2013-05-14T10:36:35.357
Custodians: Amy Floit
Authors: Planning and Budgeting
Contributors: Andrea Sparling
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Description: Biennium Budget Balance report (previously the Biennium Close Report) shows GOF, DOF-LFA and DOF-ICR funds and ROF for 608 and 609 for each unit. They are grouped by Budget Type/Budget Class and may be viewed in more detail by Org Major Area, Org Department, budget number and account code. These reports provide the units’ authorized biennial budgets, actual to-date expenditures, encumbrances, balance to-date, and expended percentage (i.e.: actual to-date plus encumbrance divided by the biennial budget). Fixed cost budgets are not included in this report. Data is updated periodically (see the Biennium Budget Balance Report timeline at To export the data to Excel without titles or formatting, click "View raw data (for Excel export)", then select "Excel" format and click "Export".
Data Description: Biennium close process. Runs from spring until the end of July in the biennium close year.
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