Advance Budget Number Report:

ID: FIN1066
Title: Advance Budget Number Report
Path: /Financial
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Created Date: 2012-02-22T13:22:34.84
Modified Date: 2014-03-10T21:18:17.267
Custodians: Jeff Follman
Authors: Phillip Burger & Dinah Mite Millikin
Support: Enterprise Data and Analytics
Support Email:
Description: This report displays a list of grant and contract budgets in advance funding status for a selected Org Code structure. No historical information is reported.
Data Description: Maximum number of records that will print out on this report is the number of budgets in advance status. This number is approximately 300 to 325 on the high end. Two most common uses will be GCA selecting all organization codes and home department of PI selecting just one org code.
Known Issues: