2013 Base Year Paid FTE Report:

ID: FIN1075
Title: 2013 Base Year Paid FTE Report
Path: /Space
URL: https://edw.washington.edu/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fSpace%2f2013+Base+Year+Paid+FTE+Report
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Created Date: 2013-02-21T15:42:27.727
Modified Date: 2014-03-10T21:15:06.473
Custodians: Michael Anthony
Authors: Phillip Burger & Dinah Mite Millikin
Support: Enterprise Data and Analytics
Support Email: help@uw.edu
Description: The purpose of this report is to provide employee and paid FTE information for space coordinators and administrators to use in determining space utilization and functionalization in GeoSIMS. For each selected OrgCode, a list of employees by PI will be generated. All budget numbers contributing to an employee’s distribution (payroll) throughout FY 2013 will be shown along with the percentage each budget contributes to the FTE and the related A-21 cost pool of each budget.
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