Employee_GTN_Information: Selected Employee and GTN Information

ID: PAYR1023
Title: Employee_GTN_Information
Subtitle: Selected Employee and GTN Information
Path: /Human Resources/Payroll/Payroll Office Only
URL: https://edw.washington.edu/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fHuman+Resources%2fPayroll%2fPayroll+Office+Only%2fGTN_by_Employee
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Created Date: 2010-05-17T15:35:46.04
Modified Date: 2010-12-06T15:12:02.113
Custodians: Asst VP, HR Admin and IS, and Asst V Provost, Office of Acad Personnel(for faculty salaries)
Authors: Carrie Lewis
Contributors: Heather Norberg Stewart
Support: Payroll Office
Support Email: pronline@uw.edu
Description: This report shows all history in the Data Warehouse for Deductions and Contributions by Employee Note: An employee may have more that one EID over the course of their career at UW. Make sure you have checked for this. Note: Data prior to the early 1990's had a portion deleted. If you are looking for information prior to the early 1990's use a different source.
Data Description: Deduction and Contribution information by Employee.
Known Issues: