Current Employee with Active Appointment:

ID: PAYR1026
Title: Current Employee with Active Appointment
Path: /Human Resources/Payroll/Payroll Coordinators
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Created Date: 2012-10-22T15:12:27.59
Modified Date: 2014-01-03T10:28:30.13
Custodians: UW-IT Vice Presidents Office
Authors: Alexis Chin
Contributors: Susan Lawrence & Jade Garcia
Support: Enterprise Data and Analytics
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Description: This report contains summarized appointments by organization code. This report provide HR information for strategic planning and reporting on personnel salaries. This report only display employees with earn type "REG" and "LWO". You can filter your selection by college, home department, appointing department as well as select one or more employment types and pay rate codes. To export data directly into Excel in raw form without the extraneous formatting associated with the standard Excel export option, choose "XML file with Report Data" from the export menu.
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